How hard Nanowrimo rocks… even when it’s not November!

nanowrimoJust a quick shout-out to Nanowrimo, who are so awesome they actually have a Goal Tracker page for those of us (ahem) who missed November and are aiming for that Jazzy January feeling.


they still have the Word Sprints operating. My favourite way to write.

Thanks Nanowrimo!!


She of the Janowrimo 🙂

PS… Update. I’m ahead on words. But not if I keep blogging. Adios!


Rocking the celebratory NaNo-Fish-WriMo-Cakes!


#NaNoWinner2016 !!

Celebratory fishcakes and pho!

Today I hit the 50K mark while writing with mates at our local Vietnamese cafe! A perfect place and time, with my fellow Laptop Ladies there to high-five.


Four fishcakes and two badges. Don’t mix them up.